(Bios... Yuck...) So I'm Mellissa. I'm 17. I'm an artist, photographer, cosplayer, and aspiring makeup artist. I cosplay with my mom and sister and I have an awesome bf who is starting to cosplay as well. I attend cons yearly (specifically Metrocon, Shadocon, Holiday Matsuri, and Megacon) and when I can, I go to Homestuck Meet Ups and Lolita Outtings. So yeah... That's me. Umm... Follow if you like to. It means a lot!


Almost done! Two days left to finish! I finished one side of the large wing a little while ago and now all I have to do is finish the other side tomorrow and hope my orange contacts get here in time! (Not a big deal if they don’t though cuz’ the shades)
Then all I have to do is put all of this on Saturday morning (along with the matching orange makeup) and head to FSC! So excited to meet Hussie and to debut this cosplay!
Wish me luck with the wing tomorrow!

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    wow, this isn’t even finished and this is the best davesprite i’ve ever seen. bravo!!
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    It’s goin good boo!
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