(Bios... Yuck...)
So I'm Mellissa.
I'm 16.
I'm a groomer, artist, photographer, cosplayer, and cosplay model.
I cosplay with my mom and sister and I have an awesome bf who is starting to cosplay as well.
I attend cons yearly (specifically Metrocon, Shadocon, Holiday Matsuri, and Megacon) and when I can, I go to Homestuck Meet Ups and Lolita Outtings.
So yeah... That's me. Umm... Follow if you like to. It means a lot!


Khaotickon Day 3 (Sunday): I cosplayed Kankri Vantas! It was lots of fun although the contacts took some getting used to since I haven’t worn them in forever. Sunday was honestly the best day ever though! I went to the Homestuck photoshoot, got an awesome SNK necklace from my moirail, and celebrated 4/13 with all my Homestuck friends. We had a faygo toast and everything it was awsome. >u

Khaotickon Day 2 (Saturday): I cosplayed Homestuck Fandom, Rose Lalonde, Jeff the Killer, and Dave Strider.
I was in the Fandombound and Nightmares Rising panels too and they were lots of fun.
As for Promstuck, it was pretty fun. I danced on stage with some friends and hung out with some cool cosplayers too. :3

Khaotickon Friday: I cosplayed Yukio Okumura from Blue Exorcist.
Took a selfy on the way there but the other two photos are by my sister (@meganhashey on Instagram).

Evilcon Day 3 Photos!

Had lots of fun hanging out with all of our friends and I had a great time doing a photoshoot for my sister (Fem!Zachary) and our friend  http://puffsprite.tumblr.com/ (Zachary)!

I cosplayed Trickster Dave (although I have zero photos) for the very last time before retiring him (although I’m saving him in case I’m needed in a panel), hosted a panel for my moirail until she got there, and my favorite cosplay photographer and friend got a few nice shots of the cosplay before I had to leave the con. All in all, the con was great and my sister and I had tons of fun.


I need to finish my Trickster Hussie cosplay and get ready for Khaotickon! >:3

Evilcon Day 2 Photos!
Had lots of fun again and scared some people with my Jeff the Killer cosplay. Hosted a panel where my friends (Habit, Clockwork, Sally, and Ben Drowned) and I had lots of fun. Pfft… Ben Drowned and Jeff ended up dancing to Ponponpon at one point. xD

My sister was Madoka all day and dealt with my crazy schedule. She even was so kind as to help me remove the Jeff makeup so I could get ready for my second panel (it hurt soooo bad to remove the latex omg) where I cosplayed Dead Dave alongside Hussie, Half Dead Sollux, Dead Karkat, Dead Bro, and Dead Jade. It was lots of fun although I totally forgot to get pictures of my Dead Dave cosplay and my second panel cast. 

Evilcon Day 1 Photos!
I went as Dead Dirk and later changed into Prom/Masquerade Dirk (didn’t wear the mask much. it was a pain with the wig). My sister went as Kigurumi Dave and later changed into Prom/Masquearade Roxy (again, masks and wigs didn’t like each other).

We had lots of fun and lol… We derped around with the smuppet and Dave’s shades quite a bit towards the end of the night. xD

TG: my limo won’t be here?
TG: well shit
Cosplay by: Mellissa H. (me)
Edit by: Megan H.
Haha. Oh god my sister makes some great edits sometimes. xD

TG: my limo won’t be here?
TG: well shit
Cosplay by: Mellissa H. (me)
Edit by: Megan H.
Haha. Oh god my sister makes some great edits sometimes. xD


Ok, so I’m hosting two panels at Evilcon and I need some cast members!

The first panel is a CreepyPasta Q&A. It’s at 12-1pm on Jan. 4th at Evilcon in Large Panel Room #2.
We already have Jeff the Killer, Clockwork, and Ben Drowned. But we could still use more characters so it would really help if we could get more cast members!

The second panel is a Zombiestuck Q&A. It’s at 5-6pm on Jan. 4th at Evilcon in Large Panel Room #2.
We already have Dave Strider but we still need more cast members big time so any help would be great!
*This isn’t based off the Zombiestuck AU. This is based off sequences in the actually webcomic when the characters were dead. (Ex. Eridan with slice across stomach, Dave with bullet wounds, Jane with hole through stomach, Karkat with trident stab wounds.)


Had lots of fun at Holiday Matsuri! Got tons of complements on all my cosplays (Militarystuck Dave, Christmastier Dave, and Homestuck Fandom) and I got tons of hugs and pictures! 
I also hosted a panel (From Earth to Alternia “Homestuck”) and it was a huge succcess! One of the most awesome parts of my day though was going to Promstuck! I won Prom Prince and (ironically) my mom won Prom Princess. :3


Now.. To plan for Evilcon. xD

Holiday Matsuri From Earth To Alternia (Homestuck) Panel HELP NEEDED!

Got my panel approved for Holiday Matsuri on the 14th at 4pm-5pm!

The panel will take place in Panel Room A and I’m in need of some cast members! If you’re interested, please go to the Panel’s Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/events/323041094500394/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming&source=1

We need (as of this moment)John Egbert: 

Rose Lalonde, Jade Harley, Karkat Vantas, Aradia Megido, Tavros Nitram, Sollux Captor, Terezi Pyrope, Gamzee Makara, Nepeta Leijon, Equius Zahhak, Eridan Ampora, Dirk Strider, Roxy Lalonde, Jake English, and Jane Crocker. 

We’re mainly looking for the characters above however, We will accept any of the Alpha trolls as well.